Citizen activation

Our projects give citizens and social agents the tools they need to activate their social responsibility.

Co-create your city

Consisting of an app and a web-based control panel, Cityzn is a digital platform for citizen participation with specific focus on co-creation and social activation in a universal format for all cities. Via their smartphones, citizens can contribute their ideas to challenges facing the city, propose initiatives to improve life in the city and decide where their tax dollars should be spent though a collaborative budgeting process.

Cities that choose Cityzn transmit a modern and innovative image that embraces a strategy of collaboration and transparency and a calling to empower their citizens to co-create the future and become an active part of decision making.

Cityzn creates a global network of municipalities and responsible citizens that have understood the importance of collaboration to create an urban environment that is smarter, more sustainable and more caring.

" Cityzn provides solutions to these challenges faced by city governments".

  • They have to comply with transparency and participatory legislation.
  • Mobile solutions have not really engaged citizens because of a lack of intuitiveness.
  • Are afraid of the high cost associated with system change.
  • They don't know how to co-create because they have never done it. Co-create is not giving an opinion and it is a bit more than participation
  • The collective intelligence of the city is not activated, the bulk of society is asleep and not adding value.
  • It takes too long to learn about and understand successful proposals and initiatives from other cities.

We move the world

A digital platform that consists of an app and a web-based panel that revolutionizes the way in which we connect and collaborate to activate ourselves for social good.

We all have something that we have always wanted to change change in the world around us, but it is complicated to turn our social ideas into action. With Welever, individuals are transformed into agents of change. Now I don't need to wait for an NGO to do something. I can act NOW!

Community Organizations and universities have several challenges with regard to collaboration: finding new volunteers/students that fit with the requirements of projects, maintaining communication and managing the relationship with volunteers/students, giving visibility to their projects, connecting with companies and donors.

25% of Medium and large companies in the developed world want to implement corporate volunteering programs but they encounter cost and know-how barriers (an externally developed program can cost up to 25.000 € per year). With the Welever Social Leadership Program, a company can create their own corporate volunteering program without the need for external help, introducing a new way of corporate volunteering – employees are directly involved: they propose the initiatives themselves.

We all have something that we have always wanted to volunteer. Many cities manage volunteer programs directly or through intermediaries. This implies cost for the city as well as difficulty in finding and administering the relationship with new volunteers. And there is no solution that makes it possible for citizens to easily connect with their cities via their phones.

  • 8%: Average percentage of the adult population in the developed world that have participated in volunteering.
  • 50 – 60: Percentage of the adult population in the developed world that want to volunteer.
  • 25% of Companies in the developed world want to implement corporate volunteering programs but find it too expensive and encounter a know how barrier.
  • 88% of millennials would prefer to work for a company that has implemented a corporate volunteering program.
  • 40% of a company´s reputation depends on their CSR/corporate volunteering program.
  • Consultants charge up to 25.000 € per year to manage these programs on behalf of a company. *State of the world's volunteerism report 2015 – UNV.