Collaborative innovation

Nuestra trayectoria es breve, pero sus cimientos son sólidos. Bajo el lema "mobile first", nuestro objetivo es activar comunidades.

About us

Fusion Collective Intelligence is a start-up specialized in digital product development inspired by mobile technology and focussed on communities and individuals that share common interests, with the aim of creating new communications channels that allows them to activate their collective intelligence and foment participation to change the world.

The company develops collaborative innovation projects where mobile apps become the key tools that allows citizens to collaborate with other members of the social fabric (Community Organizations, Companies, Municipalities and Universities) to advance the communities we depend on and work towards making the world a better place.

With our experience firmly anchored in used experience, that translates in carefully molded and innovative design, the apps of Fusion Collective Intelligence offers new ways of relating with the society that we all depend on, allowing the participation of everyone, helping to change the rules of the came to promote change form the bottom up. Local focus, global reach!

These mobile apps are enriched by web-based platforms where the members that construct civil society can manage their relationships with citizens in a process of multi-directional that translates in a real movement of collaborative citizens that can change the world.

Where we come from

Impact HUB Madrid & From the Bench Games

The Impact HUB Madridis born! A collaborative space created to inspire, connect and empower people from different cultures and professions with the goal to ignite the spark of imagination and push entrepreneurs to find solutions to the social, environmental and cultural problems we all face.

The HUB philosophy is supported by a new series of strategies like design thinking and visual thinkingand horizontal corporate organizational holocratic structures – a co-creation environment where there is no hierarchy, where everyone participates. Always lead by our motto - “mobile first”.

In this context, the brother-sister pair, Paula and Jose Almansa, co-founders of the HUB, initiate their adventure with From The Bench Games, a company that developed the fist mobile app based fantasy sports management games in the world. Always lead by a “learning-by-doing” attitude, the company was wildly successful, becoming a global leader in its field with more than 90 million active users today.

Pocket University

After creating the first global community around a game, they decided to develop a new app for an existing community and launched Pocket University. The objective of this app was to place university life and all the relevant services and activities related to a university in the student's phone.

In 2016 the app was purchased by Banco Santander which is a great success!

Fusion Collective Intelligence

With all of this experience and the arrival of new professionals, Fusion Collective Intelligence, was created social change using the smartphone as a tool to improve the lives of citizens to change the world. Departing from a central truth: every day, more people on earth use their phones to manage larger parts of the their lives and any participative strategy to mobilize people and communities need to take this into consideration.

Loom House Madrid

The company moves to the Loom House Madrid, the next step up from the HUB philosophy and allows for a collaborative innovation experience.